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Inner Fire

by Christopher O'Sullivan 3 years ago in surreal poetry
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Strength and Shortcoming

I have something inside me

That burns so very brightly

A feeling that I am good

Doing everything I should

I seek it when I feel pain

For a way to push again

To triumph over my fear

And protect what I hold dear

Fuels me when I've had enough

Pushes me when time is tough

I nurture this little flame

Knowing it will do the same

I feed it so it can grow

But keep it hidden below

This rage must be used safely

It is not for all to see

I coddle this feral child

Ready for when it runs wild

A useful tool, without doubt

As long as the head holds clout

Cannot be left uncontrolled

Or disaster will unfold

Greatest strength and biggest flaw

Rage I keep, a hungry maw.

surreal poetry

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Christopher O'Sullivan

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