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Inhabitant of the Mind

by Anthony Ferrer 4 years ago in inspirational
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(You can be free.)

Inhabitant of the Mind

There is a creature, that the young and the old fear.

It creeps and crawls…following victims.

It can move very fast, or very slow.

The creature feeds.

It feeds at the victim’s cost.

It seems, almost, invisible.

Hiding in the deepest crevices of your brain.

It changes like the day.

Shape-shifting its size, as it takes over your mind… and your body.

Its appearance?

That depends on how you see it.

Some laugh and scoff, and suggest it does not exist at all.

But. It. Is. Real.

When it speaks, do not be fooled, it may sound alien, ensnaring your mind for harvest.


It may sound sweet, the sweet relief you feel you crave because it beckons like a siren of the sea.

Do not be persuaded, you Can Be Strong.

Because this voice is not a creature, it is not a monster from space or a temptress of the sea.

This voice is your own, this creature resides in you.

NO. It is not “just in your head.” It is not a figment of your imagination.

YES. It is very real.

But you Can Fight it...

You can exterminate it from your brain.

The creature Can be destroyed.

You Are Not Alone.

And most importantly…

You Can Be Free.


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Anthony Ferrer

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