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by Cereal Oatmeal 2 years ago in social commentary · updated about a year ago
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(Infinitely Me)

Photo by Sean Sinclair on Unsplash

Rainbow spirals


Indigo child

What do you see?

I’m called unique, like lavender, settling


A “Prodigy” (if you can capitalise on me)

I’m called Autistic and a rainbow of happiness goes through me

But no, I’m “Weird”

I’m “Contradictory”

I’m smart

But only when “smart” is a shade of green

Something that I “shouldn’t” be, envy

And then I’m not

And have no empathy (so you can see me as a commodity)

Pink money, puzzle pieces like price tags

“Light it up blue” with sorrow.

You can’t sell me

So you you try to destroy me



Pander to us in months

Like June

Selling cheaply made pins

Of colours you don’t know the meaning

Try to kill us in April

Or stop us from beginning

All hurts like a deep dark red in my chest.

Pride is in existing,

That’s my entire experience

My colourful



Autistic and Queer

Determined to keep being here

Despite the gray swirling negativity

Is that what my true colors mean to me?

A rainbow shining through

A flag of pink white and blue

The friendly wave of pink blue yellow

The fast

Flapping hands

Of a happy autistic fellow

I’m coral and peach

I’m gold and periwinkle

I’m sanguine and aubergine and

All the colours in between

What true colours mean

What they say about me

I am endless


Never ceasing


social commentary

About the author

Cereal Oatmeal

Autistic, Pan, Trans

I use all pronouns including neopronouns!

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