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by Laura Carlozzi 2 months ago in heartbreak

The fury left behind after the death of dreams

Photo by Žygimantas Dukauskas on Unsplash

Raging internal, uncontrollable, blinding and white;

Consuming an insatiable diet I must feed.

Constant companion on my shoulder I have to fight;

Reminding me endlessly of what it needs.


Forged in the heart of human compassion and giving;

Nurtured in the well of love and dedication.

Strangled in the passion of selfish living;

Mocked in the theatrics of life’s narration.


Running, sprinting, sliding along the knife;

Racing headlong into life’s abyss.

Sorting through the cogs of work and strife;

Maintaining the things that go amiss.


Freedom’s air so close yet so far, infuriatingly sweet;

Trudging through embers of broken dreams.

Barely containing the nuclear power at my feet;

The Inferno awaits as a silent scream.


Laura Carlozzi

Budding writer looking for a good home platform. Hi!

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Laura Carlozzi
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