Industrial Evolution

A Poem

Industrial Evolution

Machines, innovation, inventions

American sensations

The light bulb, Cars, computers.

We’ll be America’s suitors.

Assembly lines, mass production

Build them fast now, that’s your function.

A new way of life, relaxation.

Take your laptops on vacation.

Capitalism. Produce more. MORE.

Money is what we adore.

How do we make them buy?

Suck their wallets dry.

How do we ensure their loyalty?

We sit on thrones like royalty.

Make our profits rise?

Watch folk culture’s demise.

We’ll train them! Program their minds.

Cover their eyes with blinds.

You need this. They’ll make fun of you if you don’t have it.

Use peer pressure to raise our profit.

Let’s make a new kind of assembly line.

Like cattle to the slaughter, tonight we dine!

MTV will make our wallets fat.

We are locked in a deadly combat.

Let’s get to them even younger this year,

Prey on their deepest social fears.

Teach them that they need to dress to titillate,

Even though they’re only eight.

Lace panties, high heels, and see thru bras,

Sell them diet drinks, make them think they need to be thin as straws.

Who cares how many children’s lives we destroy.

Like the Trojan horse in Troy.

They want to rebel, we’ll help them out.

Sell them music they can’t live without.

They’re depressed, let’s sell them drugs.

They’ll get hooked and grow up to be thugs.

Is there anything else that we can tap?

They’ll all fall into our culture corporate trap.

We’ll teach them what we want them to know.

It’s like lining our bank accounts with Miracle Grow.

Little robots coming off the line.

A product of a different kind.

Eagerly waiting on our next fads.

Our media means more to them than their dads.

Build them from scratch, the moment they watch TV,

Sell them the lie that they are unique and free.

The machine is unstoppable now, going full steam.

We’re all living the American Dream.

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Jason Pitts
Jason Pitts
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