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Indigofera Dreams

An acrostic poem

By Gina C.Published 4 months ago • Updated 4 months ago • 1 min read
Top Story - June 2023
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Do you remember, pretty Violet, how the

Indigo would blossom in the spring?

So vibrant were the bursts of efflorescence,

Tesselate impressions watercolored onto all our tattered, cotton things (as we)

Ran--uninhibited--amid the pathways of the wild, wild things.

A memory shared between us, dearest Violet: paint dollops on starry, petaled wings, our

Clothes transforming into canvases--jeans and dresses full of blackberry & orchid, blotted ink--

Timestamps of a friendship (that would soon be over) in a blink. Oh,

I didn't know that all the days would quickly go, Pretty Violet--I only knew to grow and to run after all my dreams...(I grew)

Out of my stained jeans--dearest Violet--then you moved away and ripped my heart out at the seams...my

Nemesis will always be the part of me that lost you--pretty Violet--(now all I have of you is purple blot art left on jeans)...the only part of us that I can speak to--dearest Violet--is nothing but an empty blur of distant, indigofera dreams.


-Gina C. 🧚‍♀️✨


Author's Note: My childhood best friend and I were raised together since birth. Her family moved away when we were 7. We kept in touch for many years - though over time - we grew more and more apart. I've never had another best friend like her.

And now, I'm crying. 🥲

Indigo's full, scientific name is "Indigofera tinctoria".

I thought it was beautiful.


This poem is part of my Signature Mini collection. If you'd like to read more from this collection, try this one:

This poem was written for the Dancing with Distraction Challenge. :)


Thank you so much for reading! ☺️

I'd be over the moon if we could support each other! I am an active member on the Vocal Discord Server, as well as the Vocal + Assist, Great Incantations, The Vocal Social Society, The Vocal Creators Lounge, and The Medium Writers and Vocal Creators Support Facebook groups. Posting your work there is the best way for me to support you! :) ❤️


About the Creator

Gina C.


  • Twice-published in Vocal's Moment of Freedom Collection:

My Soul of Red

Free Verse

Free-Form poet of ethereal style. 🧚‍♀️✨

Fantasy writer.

A sucker for a good rhyme. ☺️

Fueled by a conflicted soul of fire & water. ❤️‍🔥🧜🏻‍♀️

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Comments (61)

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  • Sadie Cole4 months ago

    This is beautiful!

  • joel perkins4 months ago


  • Nice. It brings back childhood memories.

  • Komol Pal4 months ago


  • P. K. Gani4 months ago

    Childhood friendships are one of the greatest loves that usually dissolve quietly and you simply let go. You've captured it beautifully here and whilst reading, it took me back to some of my own wonderful memories.

  • I particularly enjoyed the positioning of your nemesis being the part of you that lost them.

  • Moe Radosevich4 months ago

    Awesome job gina

  • ARCHIBONG UDEME 4 months ago


  • Hannah E. Aaron4 months ago

    This is a beautiful poem!! I absolutely love the sentence that ends with “blink” with the next sentence beginning with “Oh.” It feels like that moment of change has happened and I as the reader realize it together with the speaker through that “Oh.” Wonderful job!!

  • Esonu Chukwuebuka4 months ago


  • Imaobong Williams4 months ago

    amazing content

  • Rachel Deeming4 months ago

    I loved this. Those first connections we make, when they break or fracture, it's hard. Like first love. Very powerful stuff.

  • Rabia Elahi4 months ago

    This is really amazing Content.

  • Paul Stewart4 months ago

    So impeccably you, Gina. This one is so bittersweet, so perfectly balanced between the two I feel. Something we can all relate to - losing touch with a close childhood friend. Yet, you make it seem otherworldly in the way you express it, because I think that kinda friendship when you're younger is almost otherworldly. Stunning work, Dreamer. Congrats on another richly deserved Top Story!

  • J. R. Lowe4 months ago

    You always find a way to write such unique titles and I love it (and the content too of course!). Reads like a fairytale, hurts like a heartbreak, inspires like an intricate poem - perfectly written 👌

  • Donna Renee4 months ago

    😭😭😭 oh this one is so sad and beautiful!

  • Brenton F4 months ago

    Another beautiful dreamy piece in a distinct style we all recognise now! So well done!

  • Sara Urias4 months ago

    The beautiful picture caught my eye, but then your enthralling poem had me. Great work!

  • Heather Lunsford4 months ago

    Beautiful poem. Makes me think of my childhood. I was always the one moving away.

  • I love the scientific names of plants. And, yes, it is beautiful just like your poem and memories. Congratulations on Top Story!

  • Heather Hubler4 months ago

    Congratulations on Top Story!! So happy for you :)

  • So charged with emotions and so fluid. You'd make me fall in love with free verse for your style is sweetly unique

  • Poem with lots of emotions. Very well done and congrats for the top story.

  • Mashal Nawaz4 months ago

    sad but gorgeous

  • Kelsey Clarey4 months ago

    This was so beautiful and so sad. I loved the way you described everything and the use of colours in your language.

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