In the Mind of a Fool

Brain Vomit

In the Mind of a Fool

She Is Too Much

She is too much

And I want more.

Closer to the truth

Than ever before.

Her heat is unbearable

And I dance in the exquisite flames.

I forget all other faces

And all other names.

The stars have shifted

And I find my way.

I get lost and found again

Day after day.

I move and am still.

I rise and fall.

I die and am reborn.

I want it all.

There is nothing and everything.

There is silence and thunder.

There is ice and fire.

There is peace and wonder.

Her name is yes.

Her touch is please.

Her kiss is reason.

I am at ease.

I Am

I am.

Simple as that.

Complex as it has to be.

I am.

I breathe.

I eat.

I bleed.

I am.

I feel it in the pain.

I feel it in the silence.

I am.

I see.

I hear.

I am.

I close my eyes

To sleep,

To dream,

To wake.

I am.

I fight.

I give in.

I love.

I am.

I fear

I may lose myself

In what

I am.

I have nothing

But myself

To give.

I am.

I want.

I need.

I crave.

I am.

I give.

I take.

I rage.

I am.

I may

Never know


I am.

Drowning in a Sea of Angels

Drowning in a sea of angels

Choking on laughter and smiles

Everything wanted

In heaps and broken piles.

Directions say left

Turning right.

Victory guaranteed

Too bored to fight.

The perfect woman

Tossed aside.

Only one choice

Can't decide.

Success in sight

Poison in hand.

Eager to leap

Afraid to land.

Full of talent.

Empty of drive.

Perfect health

Barely alive.

Willful or not

Failing to function.

Ah the joys

Of self destruction.

surreal poetry
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