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In the Garden of the Senses

A Symphony of Nature: Unraveling the Tapestry of Sensory Delights

By John PorfyPublished 5 months ago 2 min read
In the Garden of the Senses
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In the Garden of the Senses

Upon a path where petals sigh,

In the garden of the senses,

I tread upon the velvet earth,

And witness life's quintessence.

The sight of colors swirling 'round,

A painter's palette in the breeze,

The hues of nature dance and blend,

An orchestra of verdant trees.

The azure sky with cotton clouds,

As sunbeams filter through the leaves,

A tapestry of light and shade,

Woven by the sun's warm rays.

I stand before a canvas grand,

In the garden of the senses,

Where every stroke of nature's brush,

A symphony of sight commences.

A symphony of sound awaits,

The whispers of the winds above,

The rustling leaves, a silent choir,

Singing ballads of life and love.

The symphony of chirping birds,

And the laughter of the brook,

A melody of nature's song,

In every hidden nook.

I close my eyes and listen close,

In the garden of the senses,

Where every note in nature's score,

A harmony of sound dispenses.

A touch of life upon my skin,

The gentle breeze that strokes my face,

The warmth of sun, the cool of shade,

A tender, loving embrace.

The texture of the earth below,

The softness of the grass I tread,

The roughness of the bark nearby,

Where nature's touch is widespread.

I reach out to the world around,

In the garden of the senses,

Where every touch of nature's hand,

A story of connection presents.

A taste of life upon my tongue,

The sweetness of the morning dew,

The flavor of the fruits that hang,

In orchards ripe and true.

The taste of memories long past,

Of picnics shared on sunlit days,

Of laughter, love, and stories told,

In the garden's sweet embrace.

I savor every morsel found,

In the garden of the senses,

Where every taste of nature's gift,

A banquet of delight commences.

A scent of life upon the air,

The fragrance of the blossoms near,

The aroma of the dampened earth,

After a rainstorm's gentle tear.

The scent of memories that drift,

On the breeze of yesteryear,

Of moments shared, of joy and love,

In the garden we hold dear.

I breathe in deep and let it fill,

In the garden of the senses,

Where every breath of nature's scent,

A perfume of remembrance dispenses.

In the garden of the senses,

I find my heart and soul anew,

A world where sight, sound, touch, taste, smell,

The beauty of existence construe.

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John Porfy

With a focus on topics such as personal development, mental health, sustainability, and social justice, my articles on Vocal seek to create a safe space for readers to explore new ideas and challenge the status quo.

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  • Robbie Cheadle5 months ago

    This is a delightful poetic journey of the senses.

  • Kim Loostrom5 months ago

    Love the classic poetic style, a sensory journey and great variance of descriptive language!

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