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In the Embrace of loss

A Tearful Tribute

By Made JakePublished 2 months ago 1 min read
In the Embrace of loss
Photo by Arwan Sutanto on Unsplash

In the Embrace of Loss

In the quiet corners of memory's maze,

Lies a garden of sorrow, where tears cascade.

Where shadows linger and whispers sigh,

A symphony of grief beneath the sky.

In the echoes of laughter, now tinged with pain,

In the fragrance of roses, where love remains.

A portrait of absence, painted with care,

Aching hearts, too heavy to bear.

In the stillness of night, when dreams take flight,

Comes a flood of emotion, a bittersweet sight.

For in the darkness, memories dwell,

In the depths of despair, where emotions swell.

A mother's gentle touch, a father's guiding hand,

Lost in the winds of time, like grains of sand.

Their laughter echoes, haunting and clear,

In the corridors of the heart, where they're held dear.

A lover's embrace, a whispered vow,

Now silent echoes in the here and now.

In the silence, grief finds its voice,

In the tears that fall, we make our choice.

To remember, to cherish, to hold them close,

In the heart's quiet chambers, where love arose.

For in the depths of sorrow, there lies a gift,

A testament to love, a heart uplift.

So let the tears fall, let the sorrow flow,

For in the embrace of loss, we come to know.

The depth of our love, the strength of our pain,

In the echoes of loss, where hearts remain.

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