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In shadows deep, where sorrow weaves,

In shadows deep, where sorrow weaves

By Shirsendu ChakmaPublished 5 months ago 1 min read
In shadows deep, where sorrow weaves,
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In shadows deep, where sorrow weaves,

A tale unfolds of shattered leaves.

Beneath the moon's soft, tear-streaked gaze,

A symphony of heartache plays.

Silent echoes of a broken song,

In the heart's recesses, they belong.

A tapestry of memories worn,

Each thread tells of love, forlorn.

The sunsets weep in hues of red,

As whispers of goodbye are said.

Aching echoes of a tender touch,

Fading, like the autumnal clutch.

Lonely stars in the vast expanse,

Witness to a fleeting romance.

A melancholy dance of the willow's grace,

Bows to the wind, a tear-stained embrace.

Through misty eyes, the world looks gray,

In the night, tears silently sway.

A river of sadness, its current strong,

Yet in the darkness, one remains strong.

For from the depths, resilience springs,

Like the first light, when the night sings.

In sorrow's arms, we find our way,

To brighter realms, a hopeful day.

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Shirsendu Chakma

I want to see you with my two eyes 💔😢😭

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