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In light

Ring around the Moon

By Desiree WetzPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
In light
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The sweat of chilling air hits me first! Damn,

Dreams I rather wish to have forgotten,

I was there again,

A tiny room and four padded walls,

My sights locked on the lining above your head,

Your blank gaze unsettled my heart,

It took everything with me to keep the tears from escaping.

But tonight this dream changed,

The door behind me closed and the orderly locked us in,


Your blankness changed suddenly to smug,

A beautiful smirk changed your face,

"Are you afraid now?" You ask,

That's when I woke with a cold sweat.

'Cause if you can reach me now,

That means my time has come to an end,

You have figured it out,

That, I, the witch's daughter has bested you,

The devil's henchman! For twenty years?

I bet it stung,

That realization.

With a sigh and a groan I remove myself from bed,

I open the curtains and peer out the window,

There! A ring around the moon,

Trouble isn't far behind,

"Ah, so you do know." I sigh,

Those dreams I wish I left behind,

I suppose my reign over you has come to and end.

surreal poetry

About the Creator

Desiree Wetz

I have been intrigued with writing since I was twelve years old. At first, it was poetry but then in morphed into a love of fiction, fantasy, and adventure. When I'm not writing stories, I am running wild with my family.

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    Desiree WetzWritten by Desiree Wetz

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