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In Defense of Poetry

by Lucia Beneforti 23 days ago in slam poetry

A Poem

In Defense of Poetry
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

You say poetry is nonsensical

that it is overly emotional

and thus encourages the delusional

To the point of being inconsolable

But you should know: We write our thoughts in rhymes

Because they’re screaming in our minds

They protest because they’re confined

But they are freed to silence in these lines

To assume that logic should be so divisible

From feeling, which is so fundamental

Is a notion entirely insensible

On the part of the unwittingly hypocritical

For we all have the quickening of our heart

And stinging of our eyes when our world falls apart

The void of loss when loved ones depart

And the absolute frustration when a foe us outsmarts

We all have the overwhelming giddiness

And the occasional need of the frivolous

The tingling down our spine at the vividness

Of beauty and love- our only connection to the limitless

And if these things you have never experienced

Then I mourn your prolonged seriousness

For strength is born of resilience

And joy from variance

Only through vulnerability

And often times instability

And the casting off of docility

Do we encounter new possibilities

And this obsession with the independent

This newly desired aloof indifference

Transforms the resplendent

Into the vulgar offendant

For the sun does not shine for its own delight

For she herself is bright

And the tree does not bare fruit for its own appetite

Nor does the rain fall because it is contrite

Beauty belongs not to the barer

But exists for the beholder

To ignite the world that has grown colder

And make our hearts bolder

So live for a purpose greater than you

Speak to transform thoughts into something new

Love so that the world blossoms in every hue

And dream despite all that you must do

The heart that can not ache can not beat

The mind that can not feel can not see

The one who does not taste will never know what is sweet

This one has his own self cheated

To build a world you need knowledge

Yet all the knowledge can not create the flawless

This Obsession with perfection means that all might as well be abolished

And our souls left in bondage

We must live, give, express feel freely

In order to live a life worth living

After all, every heartbeat and every breath we breathe

Is just another whisper in life’s poetry

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Lucia Beneforti
Lucia Beneforti
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