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by Christine Jupp about a year ago in surreal poetry
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Christine Jupp

This is what love looks like.

A pink secret my mother held in her


When she told me she loved

Three women

A lifetime ago.

Just don’t


Sam arrived

Drunk and blue

To Pride in Portland.

Only to glow marigold

When he told me

He’s slept with

His first


My brother and I

Sweat sweet beads

That string us


A June

After noon.

This is what love looks like

When it pours out of her

Bikini top

On her birthday

And I hold her


And quiet.

Louder now.

Brilliant bismuth.

I said bisexual,

To grandma

One red wine


Pumping an ocean

Over the phone.

And she

Says she loves me.

Gloria glows gold

Like her nail polish

And all the 78 years

She’s breathed.

She includes all genders

In future conversations

About my future


My heart is indigo,


Burning ink

through my palms.

And I learn.

I earn my green,

And grow big

Like Mama’s


This is what my love

Looks like.

surreal poetry

About the author

Christine Jupp

I call Portland my home, even though I don't see it often.

Mostly poetry.

Some prose and short stories.

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