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I am worth immersing in.

By Ajone AlinaPublished 6 years ago 1 min read
Top Story - November 2017
Inspired by the graphics of: ParadisiacPicture - DeviantArt

For anyone who wasn’t already aware,

I am worth immersing in.

And for those who don’t recognize,

Who try to drown me

In their detached, weary, disheartening,

Sonofabitch of a reality,

Immerse in me.

And run your fingertips through my soul,

So that you may swirl in my innocence.

For just one moment,

Feel how I feel differently.

Love, experience, and perceive

The way that I perceive.

For just one moment,



Because you are cold

And rather than being scolded

By your cold,

I use it to make icicles

That soothe my throbbing wounds.

Dip into my world,

So that I may love you fluid.


In my reality and fear not, the unknown.

My ocean is deep

But I am sure it will allow you

To blissfully float on your back

And right through my bloodstream.

Sink deeper, and feel

The currents of my love

Shoot right through your veins.


Beneath my surface

Unveil my galaxy of hope.

And allow each twinkle of my eye to

Remind you what warm is,

Like the stars will warm frigid space.

My space for you is unlimited

So paint the walls of my spirit

With your milky way

And in return I will flood you

With love so painfully profound

It will leave you gasping for

So much more.

There is a fire inside of me,

Can’t you see

Every ray ripping through the surface

Of my skin,

And of my depth,

Simply to cast an everlasting beacon of light

Tearing through everything in its path

to make a home out of your heart.


performance poetry

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