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Illusion of Love


By Charlene SinesPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Illusion of Love
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Before it was known to me that black candles were for spell casting. I had been hearing a distant man's name in my thoughts. I dreamed of voices and black candles.It was an illusion of love given to me.The irony was the innocence I had brought to those dreams.To be met with harshness and perceived deception. Afterall I must have been like all the rest to him. His disdain only compounded in his imagination. It was a failure from the beginning.He suspected sinister motives. I wondered if I haunted him in his waking hours or his sleep? Like a hidden memory captured only in random thoughts pushed quickly aside. I don't wish for him redemption, thats his task. I leave him with a message of hope. Old will seem new again. Ideas will take shape and form.Importance of jewels and stones will be lost in a sight of words touching all of us as a clear water spring. It was a fraility of knowledge,ignore my aloneness still wrapped in hope. Lives will get better in nights and tepid days and be aware of the star even though it's distance far.

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Charlene Sines

I love creative writing, poetry Edgar Allan Poe and Keats.Odd combination I know. I have found that my best friend really happens to be my dog. Music is also my best friend.

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