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I’ll Be Okay

by Esa Leal 4 years ago in sad poetry
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Life gets better

My mind's a mess and my life’s a wreck

My skin is scarred

And I’m gone, gone too far

The skies are grey, but I’m here to stay

Because how I dare not to fade away, a life written in a beautiful lusty grey

I’ll be okay

I’ll smile like the skies had never turned so grey

Because I know .... I’ll be okay

In a thousand years there I’ll lay, living a life that turned out pretty okay

So Lord forgive me, my vivid thoughts will fade and for a thousand years I promise I'll stay, and my sadness will fade.

sad poetry

About the author

Esa Leal

I am a poet and sharing my life through words with others is what I dream to do .

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