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If You See Me Through Their Eyes

What satisfaction did this vendetta bring…

By Mika OkaPublished about a month ago 2 min read
If You See Me Through Their Eyes
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A once unbreakable bond, forged through trials and tribulations, now lies shattered, torn apart by misunderstandings and false narratives.

we once shared a bond 

so deep and true

through trials and tribulations

me, you and us

in the face of adversity

hand in hand we stood

united by a common link

a shared kinship

but suddenly

like a tempest without warning

we were torn apart

our ties left in mourning

i couldn't fathom 

what had caused this divide

why our unity and love had turned into ash

i searched for answers

far and wide

why did they turn against me

why had they ghosted me?

casting me aside?

what have i done 

to deserve such disdain

to make them so spiteful

in their eyes

i was but an idiot

a savage

they'd say

that i'm anything

but good

they'd take glee

in condemning me

in everything i say and do

also in everything 

that i didn't say and didn't do

refusing my diagnosis

pushing my truth away

they closed their hearts

refused to truly see

the reasons 

for the person i had come to be

they'd tarnish my name

ruin my reputation

spreading falsehoods and lies 

without hesitation

they sowed seeds of doubt

in the heart of my lover

with whispered falsehoods

in the ears of my lover

they cast shadows of clout

my lover would've thought

that they have seen it all in me

the good and the bad

they are the ones

that have seen me without my mask

what can be truer 

than the words endorsed by them

for blood ties ran deeper than facts could convey

their distorted version of me held the sway

what satisfaction 

did this vendetta bring

to watch my life crumble

to see me take a sting?

did it fill their hearts with delight?

to witness me struggle

losing my inner light?

in their narrative

i had become a monstrous creation

truth and reality lost in the smoke


but would you

my dear friend

still stand by my side

if you see me through their eyes

through the twisted divide

would you still be my companion?

would you still be my confidante?

if you, too

hear the tales they construe

i'm entangled 

in this web of chaotic falsehood

where truth and perception misaligned

i yearn for someone

who'll accept me for who i am

beyond the tales spun by those who disagree

Previously published on Medium

©Emika Oka

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About the Creator

Mika Oka

Sharing her unique perspective on the world as a hearing-impaired autistic person with bipolar disorder despite the challenges.


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  • Esala Gunathilakeabout a month ago

    Loved it.

  • Yasemin Yiğit Kuruabout a month ago

    great one, thanks for sharing

  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarranabout a month ago

    I don't believe people easily, especially the ones who tell be bad things about others. So if I hear something about you, it won't change my friendship with you. Sending you lots of love and hugs ❤️

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