If Only

by Matthew Martin about a year ago in sad poetry

A Love Poem

If Only

If only.

If only it could work.

If only we had time.

If only our schedules fit as well as the zipper of your loose sweater.

Or, to be honest, MY loose sweater.

If only the busyness of normal life decided to put in his two-week notice,

If only our lives came together like puzzle pieces,

If only trying to hangout wasn't putting a square block in a circular hole,

If only the distance between us could be measured with a classroom ruler.

If only God could pick up your house and drop it on my neighbours,

that way I could actually love thy neighbours.

If only the section of Earth between you and I collapsed like my heart did

when it found out this couldn't work.

If only it could work.

If only.


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How does it work?
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