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If I were a bridge

by Aaron 4 months ago in art
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If I could, I would be a bridge!

If there is a road, a road to the distance, it is inevitable to have some bridge across the barricades, connecting the two ends. Small roads have small Bridges, roads must have large Bridges. No road is difficult to reach the goal, no bridge is difficult to overcome the obstacles, the old saying goes, "open the road to the mountains, meet the water to build Bridges", probably this is the truth.

If I could, I would be a bridge!

If I were a bridge, I would be a long, wide and flat real bridge, built on the earth full of dangers ------- to connect the river bank, the coast, the other side of the ocean, the home and abroad, and the whole world. Turn the natural cut into a road, change the horizon for a close. The Weaver Cowherd on both sides of the Milky Way is no longer suffering from separation, no longer eagerly looking forward to, no longer waiting for years; The two sides of the Taiwan Straits will no longer be separated by brothers and grandchildren, longing for generations to come; Eastern AND WESTERN NO LONGER INFORMATION barrier, communication is not smooth, ideological and cultural SECession ------- If I am a bridge, I want to let lovers meet on the bridge, predestined person in the bridge below hand in hand.

If I were a bridge, I would be an ancient bridge of eternal existence, built on the long river of history, linking history, linking ancient and modern ------ past, present and future. Let the wise of the ancients live to this day, and the wise of the present continue to the future. Let the present walk into history, talk with the ancients, feel their life; Let the ancients step into the modern era, embrace today, convey their wisdom; Let the ancients and the present face the future, and together become the profound accumulation of the future social ideology and culture.

If I were a bridge, do a bridge full of wisdom rich spirit of human nature, frame in the deep heart of people, the rich and the poor, the Saint Yu, the sorrow joy ------ I want to turn the numbness into enthusiasm, apathy into care, so that the blind can do good deeds, so that those who stand idly by can be ready to help others. Let the heart and heart collision, let the emotion and emotion communication. Luther speech ------- if I am a bridge, a human nature of the bridge, so, race without discrimination, people without the separation, teachers and students can communicate, enemy I will be able to resolve ------ if I am a bridge, a human nature of the bridge, so, the battlefield without smoke, market without blackmail, love without fighting -------

If I were a bridge, when do not do bitter "broken bridge", to do love each other "magpie bridge"; Instead of being the "bridge of resignation" that leads to the gate of hell, be the "rainbow bridge" that leads to heaven. Do not witness the national humiliation of the "Lugou bridge", to do a heroic and tragic "iron bridge"!

If I were a bridge, it would be a three-dimensional bridge in all directions, connecting up and down, connecting southeast and northwest, connecting all directions, so that people do not have each other, far and near no difference, the whole planet has become a big village ------ global village! If I am a bridge, will be a marvelous miracle in the bridge, with inimitable magic, although not "all things, death", but can be cowardice to brave, pessimism to optimism, failure to success, short for eternal, better ideal for the real reality, change the hard world for happy heaven; If I were a bridge, I would let all people and all nations live and reproduce bravely, firmly, happily and happily ------- If I were a bridge, it would be an omnipotent "bridge" that could connect the ancient and the modern, communicate between things and me, history and reality could talk to each other, today and tomorrow could shake hands, and mankind and all things would be in harmony forever. Father Time can fly to the realm of space ------

If I were a bridge, it is rich imagination, endless association, omnipotent communication! If I were a bridge, I would cherish it, my friends, wouldn't you also cherish it?


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