A Poem Written for the Country that Has My Heart


A crunch sounds across a frozen land

A place of mountains, snow, and midnight sand

I walk alone beside a rising height

Leaving my trail behind in a snowy white

There’s a wind that sings, longing to be heard

Entwined with a cry from a lonely bird

Ferocious waves thrash along the untouched shore

An unyielding beauty that makes the heart soar

I sit upon a stone spotted with green

Needing to take in this dream like scene

This is a land of magic and ancient power

A land that flowers but also devours

A world where kings would clash and fight

Underneath boundless night and eternal light

Ancestors sitting around blazing fires

Telling their stories that shall forever inspire

Rays of light fall in golden strands

Kissing this seemingly forgotten land

A dazzling moon sheds light on all

Illuminating against the nighttime wall

I close my eyes and hear a nearby stream

A perfect sound that will forever haunt my dreams

And as a wind bites at my cheeks

I begin to realize this land does speak

Of swords and wars and brawling men

Of ancient tales told time and again

Of women bewitching and strong

With flowing hair so lovely and long

And of a land without time, without end

For which my love shall forever transcend.

nature poetry
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Elisa Brooks

I write about things in life that move me: love, romance, heartache, sorrow, grief, longing, imagination, exploration, travel...when you write about what you feel, the words nourish, release, and set free your soul.

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