Ice Cream Seller

A story

Ice Cream Seller

On a hot summer day,

An ice-cream seller stood outside a college located in outskirts of a village,

His intentions were to sell ice-cream and give relief to students from scorching heat,

Little did he know his efforts will go in vain,

And will bring him severe pain,

As the college guys came out in rush,

They were undisciplined and rich,

Started slapping ice-cream seller badly,

The poor guy had no choice but to tolerate insults,

Had to sell ice-cream at the cost of his self respect

No body came up to defend him,

All human values are at stake these days,

Selling is art of selling comb to a bald but is a curse for a poor person

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Shweta  Sharma Devgan
Shweta Sharma Devgan
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