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I Wouldn't Request

I wouldn't request that you neglect How I've double-crossed your trust.

By Noha AjiPublished 23 days ago 1 min read
I Wouldn't Request
Photo by Sandaru Madhawa on Unsplash

I wouldn't request that you neglect

How I've double-crossed your trust.

I'm asking, however, that you pardon

Since I believe I should.

I can't simply let our friendship go

Nor let this quietness last.

I realize I can't fix what's finished,

Be that as it may, kindly, let past be past.

Allow my error to be memory

Where you might keep your aggravation,

While I destroy this thing

I'll at absolutely no point ever do in the future.

What's more, let us indeed reestablish

A friendship that is genuine:

Limping, indeed, yet alive,

With wounds that time can mend.

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About the Creator

Noha Aji

I love writing because I can express my thoughts and feelings in a beautiful way. Writing is sounds we pronounce through our hands from the depths of our hearts.

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    Noha AjiWritten by Noha Aji

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