I Wish

A Poem

I Wish

When I stand in front of you.

I wish that I couldn't see you.

It's foolish of me to so, I know.

But standing there, with my gaze

Fixed on yours...

It just reminds of too much.

I wish I could forget.

But the thought of you is too rich in my mind.

Your touch is too familiar. Your voice,

Like a song I wish I could forget.

Why do I wish all this?

Perhaps I am too afraid to tell you.

Perhaps you have secrets of your own that you keep.

You beat a little too slowly now.

I try to help you.

I try to give you enough.


You choose to leave.

How did I wrong you?

I wish I knew.

Was my soul not full?

Was my body too weak?

I have too many questions.

That I wish you'd answer.

I wish that you had stayed closer,

Instead of moving on faster.

I wish that you had spoken,

Instead of leaving me broken.

I wish that you'd thought of me,

Instead of leaving my company.

I wish that you felt my touch,

Instead of complaining that it was too much.

I wish that you had saved this,

Instead you stole with bliss.

I wish that you had had courage.


You left


To wish.

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Mihaela Vasileva

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