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I Wish I Could Be a Cat

by Mireia Prats 3 years ago in inspirational

Or Why Perspective Matters

I wish I could be a cat

No longer scared by any rat.

Sitting here, laying there

The ultimate comfort: all I could care.

Elegant and smooth, every single step

Like a diligent model,

Oh, what’s that shiny-bright-thing

Twinkling over there?

I wish I could be a cat

I would finally ace it on my yoga mat.

But I wonder: could I still go swimming?

Or would I end up all grumpy and shivering?

I would live on a sushi diet

Otherwise my master won’t know peace and quiet.

I’d dye my hair pink, just for fun

I’ll caress the white walls and then I will run.

I wish I could be a rat

No longer scared by any cat.


Mireia Prats

I am a Catalan soul living in Edinburgh. Passionate about languages and music. I love swimming in the shower and singing in the street (rain is optional, but it helps!). I have a concerning obsession with Highland cows and ginger.

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Mireia Prats
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