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I Will Find My Ground

"It's not that I can't see what's in front of me..."

By KBPublished 5 months ago Updated 4 months ago 1 min read
I Will Find My Ground
Photo by Europeana on Unsplash

It's not that I can't see what's in front of me

or that the light at the end of the tunnel has disappeared

It's that the creatures eat away the background

And the road bumps can't clear.


I know you see it as such; that I'm simply looking too far ahead

But hasn't time shown you its grip

Withering away all other senses of immediacy

Only to be left with what's hasn't yet slipped?


Unfortunately, the only thing that brings me comfort

Is stillness.

But the world won't stop spinning for me,

Instead, she's a witness.


So I'll sit and hear the wind blow my shutters closed

And feel the leaves whirling around

As long you can sit in stillness too,

I will find my ground.


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