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I was born a restless soul in motion

a poem

By rhePublished 10 months ago 1 min read
The author in July of 2023, photographed in Wellfleet, Massachusetts by Vincent Manta @papertableproductions (COPYRIGHT © 2023 PAPERTABLEPRODUCTIONS - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.)

I was born a restless soul in motion

running out each clock I find

racing inside of my own mind

if I don't stop, I'll never have

to be

I drank distraction like a potion

killing time to waste it

it felt good just to taste it

but then it was gone

and there's nothing left to see

I was a slave to my emotion

pulled by the waves in my heart's ocean

no charts or guides could ever

track her tides

I immersed myself in futures uncertain

would not pull back my present's curtain,

moved on before

I could ever be left behind

I was born a restless soul in motion

until I was struck by the notion

that stillness is my ticket to be free

performance poetry

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