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I Wanted

A Ghazal (almost)

By Hannah MoorePublished 10 months ago 1 min read
I Wanted
Photo by Mahdi Karbakhsh Ravari on Unsplash

When I have to bend things around you

And that is not the time I wanted.

When we sit in separate worlds

And that is not the love I wanted.

When we walk and talk and don't agree

And that is not the friendship I wanted.

I turn up everyday and I fail

And that is not the path I wanted.

I approach each day in pain and limitation

And that is not the body I wanted.

The body I wanted is lithe and strong

And can take on the world I wanted.

Where I fly on my feet and play and work

And make that world I wanted.

And fill it with lovers, friends and children

Each the lovers, friends and children I wanted

To join me in living this life,

The one I always wanted.

And perhaps, if I squint and ignore the holes

I can see, I have all I wanted.

performance poetry

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Hannah Moore

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  • Debbi Lonmon10 months ago


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