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I've Thrived

by Yvonne Knight 4 years ago in inspirational
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I'm alive.

Since I joined the world in 1982,

Nothing for me to do,

Except for fight from the first breath of life,

She won’t survive,

She will surely die,

Surprise, surprise I survived,

She may have survived,

But she will not thrive,

Her life will be filled with strife,

One day she may take her own life,

I am beyond 35,

And done more than survived,

I’ve thrived,

Not just stayed alive,

I’m a writer,

Sent to make the world brighter,

To make your burden lighter,

To help find the laughter,

I know what it is like to be you,

I go through the same things you do.


About the author

Yvonne Knight

I'm trying to find a place for my writing.

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