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I've Never Been So Blue

by Deana Contaste 7 months ago in surreal poetry
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A poem about loneliness and parenthood

Also, I realize you're doing fine

I just want to say it now

I've never been so blue

I've never been so blue

I can't accept that I've been deceived once more

Also, you're the ideal child

I can't accept that the things I have lied about

I know it's not necessary to focus on not reasonable

Yet, you generally improve it

The world should continue to self-destruct

You made the air pockets go, better believe it

You stood out as truly newsworthy disappear

You are the ideal child

You are our companion

We should recollect how to be great

Also, I know we both need to surrender it

What's more, I realize nobody requested that I do this previously

However, nobody

Could cause me to do this better

The world should continue to self-destruct

You made the air pockets to go, definitely

surreal poetry

About the author

Deana Contaste

Love writing poetry and stories and the whole nine yards but also trying to survive in the world like every human being out there

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