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i took an alien to a concert

and i begged the question: do you understand?

By kazmyn Published 2 months ago 1 min read
a lovely concert with a full crowd

a landing, rebranding, they’re standing

amidst our own human universe,

so i’ll take them to a show!

bring the lights down low,

to shades that alienate a once dim-lit room

and after chatter, antsy pitter-patter, there silence, then it tatters, torn beautifully through tearing scenes of prancing feet and moving teeth and mortal humans in a hum.

this is not a movie, a still, this is the embodiment of


you dance with me?

lose the stance, you tree

you descended, not for me

but for this moment, playing strings

pressing keys

you feel the kick as a new heartbeat

tell me other worldly, is it alarming?

does it make you want to run

or do you find this rather…charming?

have you ever heard such music

or are you used to electro waves and sound beeps - a person to your side may weep

and it may look like they are sad

but for some people that’s their “glad”

their “giving everything i had”

“sat in traffic for this band”

the encore ends. You understand?

surreal poetry

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  • Emily Lacy2 months ago

    This is a wonderful poem - I've never liked concerts but this lovely poem made me want to go to one! Thanks for sharing!

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