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I Thought It Was You...

Getting My Hopes Up

By Samantha DonPublished 6 years ago 1 min read

The door slams shut

Footsteps on the stairs

I hear them getting closer

Almost at our door

I hear a key rattling

Fumbling in the lock

There's someone standing out there

My heart suddenly stops

In a second my dreams are dashed

It's our neighbours next door

Not my love home at last

I keep praying that it's you

That this is all a sick joke

You're not really gone

You're just running late

But then the hours tick by

And the tears they silently fall

You're coming home

Never again, no more


About the Creator

Samantha Don

Life Hacks & Ideas started in January 2015 as a collection of hacks & ideas from across the internet. It has evolved into an ongoing project affectionately called the Eco Project. The main objective is communal, off the grid living.

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