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I swam in a lake once

Original poem by Bérengère B.

By Bérengère BalteauPublished 2 years ago 1 min read

I swam in a lake once

And gave up the next day

I was alone

Cold from the absence of your laugh

But your eyes were following from afar

Calling me and asking: Why swimming?

And I laughed, for I had never enjoyed it

But I swam anyway

I ran along the branches of the forest once

And gave up the next day

I was alone again but never felt your eyes this time

But I gave up anyway

And I laughed,

For I didn’t know why I ran in the first place

One day you asked me if I could stay

So I left

And stood in front of the ocean once

And the next day

And the next day

Until the sun sat next to the moon and asked

Has she given up yet?

And Selene smiled

For only she knew the sore feeling in my throat

The deep aching to find roots where I couldn’t possibly

So she watched me

And whispered

She never did.

surreal poetry

About the Creator

Bérengère Balteau

And I have spent hours wondering what to write here but, just like the sailor, I too, have found myself lost but always on my way. So I write, hoping that one day, my words will reach the red light above the cliff, and perhaps I'll know.

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