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I Remember You, but I Never Got to Say Goodbye

I just wanted to say, "I'll see you soon."

By Dustin MurphyPublished 4 years ago 1 min read
Copyright: Dustin Murphy, circa 2013

I remember you, not for the tears that fell, but the smiles and laughs we let set sail, they're were apart of our eternal farewell.I remember you, not for how you left this world when your time came and went, but for the words we had to share, they were apart of you that you left behind.I remember you, not for how we never said goodbye, but for the fact you always said, "I'll see you soon," saying goodbye meant forever.I remember you, not for a harsh and cruel outlook of our world, but for the way you filled it with your massive and gentle heart, you loved everyone no matter their walk of life.I remember you, not for a sense of harshness, but the soft hugs you would give, the soft kisses on our cheeks, they were apart of how you left your mark.I remember you, not for the day you left, but for all those memories you left behind.But what I remember the most. I remember you never letting me say goodbye before you left when all I wanted to say was, "I'll see you soon."

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About the Creator

Dustin Murphy

A video games journalist and Content Creator. He has been featured on sites such as AppTrigger and MoviePilot. He's the president and editor-in-chief of the independent news publisher Blast Away the Game Review.

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