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I opened the door-then I saw this

The final reminder

By P.A.Vinura JayasankaPublished about a month ago 1 min read
I opened the door-then I saw this
Photo by Samuel Ramos on Unsplash

In a brilliant morning,

I got up as usual,

to start the day.

After getting ready,

bed, floor, table was clean,

everything was sweetly set.

I opened the door-then I saw this,

was written in black,

on the pure white wall-

"To you (I don't bother whatever your name or job title is),

you have been consuming,

thousands of it per day,

so countless amounts throughout life,

without paying a cent!

But a liter is about 100 Dollars!

Guess your overdue man.."

The first few lines made me jump.

I tried so hard to recall whatever this warning could be,

no other line was on the wall,

"Gas? Water? I've already settled them all!" I asked myself,

my watch warned about the time,

so I shut the door,

and ran to the bicycle,

when I hopped onto it,

I saw a few more lines in red,

right on the wall which my bicycle was leaning,

"Huh? You don't even recall it!

You concern about everything but this.

Yes, it's normal as you haven't even felt,

that you have ever been consuming it,

man, it's nothing else but "Oxygen"!

You'll value it by notes,

if you will have to get a ventilator one day,

this warning is before that happens,

look everywhere it's there for you,

entire freely,

next time when you take a deep breath,

remember that you are living,

dancing, riding, earning,

it's all owing to Oxygen,

that is produced by nature!"

I ran back to the door,

to see the first lines.

Gosh! They were gone,

which were in black,

on the wall, weren't there anymore!

I ran back to the bicycle,

the rest of the lines were also gone!

Who on the earth wrote them,

I pinched myself to see,

whether I was dreaming.

NO! I saw them there,

but now?

It was so puzzling, I don't know how it happened.

Anyway, I remember the message,

I climbed onto the seat

and took a deep breath,

yes I'm doing everything owing to you, Oxygen!

I promise to take care of you,

which means taking care of myself!

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About the Creator

P.A.Vinura Jayasanka

Hi! I'm an Engineering student who is passionate on poetry and movie critiques with mastering both creative and analytical aspects. You can follow me on facebook:


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  • Esala Gunathilakeabout a month ago

    It is wonderful Vinura. It is a different perspective and you have played very well between the naturalism and the imagination!

  • KVarnasabout a month ago

    Thank you for sharing😊

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