I Miss

Written by 15-Year-Old Me

I Miss

You know what I miss?

I miss falling asleep to a new CD.

I miss making my mom laugh so hard she starts to cry.

I miss playing video games until my fingers fall off

I miss beating up my little sister when she messes with me

I miss ordering pizza and pigging out with all my cousins.

I miss talking about boys

I miss hollering at boys

I miss watching a scary movie with my cousins on a dark, rainy day.

I miss eating candy till my stomach starts to hurt.

I miss watching the sun go down at night and rise in the morning.

I miss watching babies play in the sand

I miss playin' in the pool with all my friends.

I miss how it used to be.

I miss me

I miss you

I miss the 90s

I miss where it all started

I miss being alive

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Savannah McCain

I'm just a potato trying to become the best vodka I can be. My writing has no purpose. When I write, I write what is on my mind at the time. Some days I can write something funny and sweet, and others I would write something dark.

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