I'm the Assassin

by MariTi Lovell about a year ago in inspirational

Now, follow my Creed.

I'm the Assassin
Or ... Punch a bitch in the face.

It's time for a leap of faith

I see you standing there. Thinking through your own turmoil.

Do I jump?

What if I land wrong?

What if I break something?

What if I don't survive?

I know the feeling, your stomach bubbling and you're not quite sure if it's that midnight snack or your actual intuition.

But fuck it

The path is calling. It's asking for you

A leap of faith

Though you seem unprepared.

Last minute supplies seem to suck out the air. But it's time.

For a leap of faith

I've been there before.

It's time.

Take a leap of faith

You know your worth.

Pisces don't leap for any hook that dangles. We don't leap for your hooks at all. We create our own. That's much more fun. And now's the time

Leap of faith

Over the waterfall

across the river

through the creak

Onto shore

You gasp at first

then you find your feet

A leap of faith

And it's not just we

It's us, it's ours

Come leap with me.

Actually I won't wait at all

I'll just follow the call

Will you come with me?

Let's find out and see.

I'm the Assassin,

now follow my Creed.

MariTi Lovell
MariTi Lovell
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