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I'm Not Okay

by Dylan-Quinn Harris 11 months ago in sad poetry · updated 11 months ago
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I'll never be okay again

When I was young, my family destroyed my ability to feel properly.

When I was young, people took advantage of me.

When I was very young, I was told my emotions didn’t matter.

When I was a child, my hope- my innocence, my future was lost.

To be or not to be angry was my uphill battle.

Is it okay to be upset after so many years? Is it okay?

Is it immature to let my lungs choke on my anger? Is it okay?

Would it be alright if I never get the justice I so badly crave?

When I was a child, my mother put her public image over my needs

When I was a child, my father put his hands on me.

When we were young, I never felt we’d truly be safe and happy until we leave.

Am I my own enemy or am I right to have felt that pain?

Will you stay and listen?

Would you reach out and help?

Could you do the right thing?

Or am I left to constantly feel what I feel?

Is that okay? Would you be okay with that?

They told me to let it go ‘cause they got tired of hearing it

Though if a child cries in an empty room did anyone hear it at all?

Should it be okay to feel selfish when it comes to my health?

Should I just fall in a forest so everyone could pretend not to hear me?

When I was young, I was told I wouldn't do anything in life.

When I was young, I believed it.

Now that I'm older, I say that’s bullshit.

Fuck everything you said.

sad poetry

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Dylan-Quinn Harris

living my life and doing me things.


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