I'm Letting Go

Why I Need a Break but Finding Me Is Just Getting Going

I'm Letting Go
Montana is where it started and recycled and started again...

I’m letting goIn drips and drops, slowly bleedingIn Everest sized chunks cleaving at once

I’m letting goOf never ending shameOf anger at the ways I’m hurtOf hating who I am and who I be, and how I doOf wanting things not meant for meOf not wanting the things I should (and need)Of darkness and anger, inky black, and always on the edgesOf sorrowful pain for what could have beenOf the naïve notion of living up to my potentialOf needing love too severely and taking a facsimile from wrong sourcesOf wanting to be seen as right and goodOf tightening my grip on people who’ve never existed as I see themOf needing control when I should let goOf being scared and little and sadOf identifying as damaged and otherOf desiring loved ones that never existed, in the ways I needed them, a lifetime ago

I'm letting goOf holding on to feeling right in the face of being entirely wrongOf not saying sorry when it’s neededOf saying sorry when it isn’tOf not honoring my spiritOf trying to assume I know more than the universe, and my way is the only way

I’m letting go

But me…

Me is hanging onMe is expanding and absorbingMe is beautifully flawed and intrinsically amazingMe is opening her heart to thoroughly remarkable women to share giggles and tears withMe is embracing loving meMe is letting the universe show its magic whenever it’s readyMe is loving without borders and ignoring the consequencesMe is on a mission to just be and to be joyous of just beingMe is trying and trying and trying againMe is wrong and right, good and bad, funny and awful, in all ways, alwaysMe is finding a path that doesn’t look like yours and loving itMe is ready for what’s next

Me is hanging on

Tiffany Brandon
Tiffany Brandon
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