I'm Building a Home

If you do come around, I’ll welcome you with a marching band’s drumroll, to my fort of dirty dishes and expired parking tickets.

I'm Building a Home

I'm building a home on Tuesday’s laundry and broken light bulbs.I’ve spent so long balancing on top of the pile ofreturn to sender-confidencethat I toppled over and hit my head,but I’ll clean the place up before you come over,I swear.

Do you want to stay the night?I can make a bed for you,I’ll even beat out yesterday’s daydreams before you go to sleep,they like to keep people awake, you see,

and if you want a cup of tea,I make an okay ginger and lemon.But please excuse me for a second,ambitions keep dusting up the bottom of my mugs.

If you do come around,I’ll welcome you with a marching band’s drumroll,to my fort of dirty dishes and expired parking tickets.Just don’t expect too much from me,when you arrive in the shirt your wife neatly ironedWith your briefcase full of documents and signatures.

I’m still trying to divide my socks from my spoons from my groceries,And I’m doing my best.

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Andrea Wold Johansen

Andrea, 21, writer and eternal optimist from time to time. I'm currently based in Winchester, where I spend my days trying to teach myself not to have sugar in my coffee and finish a BA in Creative Writing. Gets by on cake and blankets.

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