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I long for grey...

by Victoria Cope 9 months ago in sad poetry

The true colors of a Bipolar mind

I long for grey...
Photo by Sam Moqadam on Unsplash

The highs, the lows; no mood in-between

An illness so cruel, so silent, unseen.

How long must I endure your stay?

I am black or white; never shades of grey.

Emotions like burns; how they sear my soul

A darkness so wicked, a bottomless hole

I beg you release me, no longer your prey

I see black or white; never shades of grey.

“I love you, I hate you – no please don’t leave!”

Just once, I beg of my head a reprieve

My words used as weapons; I don’t mean what I say

I speak black or white; never shades of grey

So manic, so hyper, so out of control

How can I want nothing, but also want it all?

So numb yet so conscious; bipolar you say

I act black or white; never shades of grey.

The meds mute my color, they filter the dark

The contrasting white nowhere nearly as stark

If I’m to feel normal, is this really the way?

Be still – black & white – and make room for the grey.

sad poetry

Victoria Cope

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