I'll Wait

by Anika Merrel about a year ago in sad poetry

I'll Keep Waiting

I'll Wait

I cry at night

Knowing that I may be unwanted

By others.

My pillow, tears have fallen down on.

“I’m sorry,” I tell my pillow.

“I can not control what and how I feel.”

I wake up every morning,

Trying to put a smile on my face.

“Have a great day,” I tell myself.

The day goes by, I’m having fun

But somehow everything is just wrong.

I try hard every day to pick up the pieces,

That others have put damage on me.

I can not bear this any longer,

When will I stop being nice

And take action for what’s happening?

My heart, broken into million pieces,

Shattered by the many that have used me

And took me for granted.

When will it repair?

I do not know.

I feel the weight on my shoulders,

It’s way too much for me.

It’s weighing me down,

Minute by minute.

And it’s never stopping

Until the day I reach my limit.

“When is that day?” I tell myself.

But somehow I have no answer.

I hope that one day, someday

I’ll finally be happy.

That I’ll finally be worth it,

To someone who actually

Gives a damn about me.

And I’ll wait for that day

For as long as I can.

sad poetry
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