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I'll Be Here

I’m the only one upside down.

I'll Be Here

This whole world is right side up,

I’m the only one upside down.

Seems like I don't think straight,

cause I don’t want the other things others want.

Like floating away on my own island,

I keep myself at bay,

hesitating, should I leave my own land to join the rest of the world?

But I don’t want to be like the rest of the world.

My individuality and my uniqueness is what makes me.

I don’t want to pretend to be like the rest,

just never appealed to me, I call myself blessed.

I wish I wasn’t like this sometimes,

And sometimes the screaming voices “fight back” die inside.

Forced to live in this reality

Where creativity is unnecessary.

There are people with the loudest of minds

Just in a career where they try to hide.

They live day by day, making good pay,

but never seem to be happy inside.

Yes, they have food on the table

And their bills are all paid,

But what's the matter when they take one too many pills day by day?

No, I do not want to join the rest of the world

I’ll stay on my own island, I made it this far anyway.

I grew up on stories where the weirdest were the best

There are truths in these myths somewhere,

i’m sure i’ll find it if I check.

This whole world is upside down

And my tiny island is right side up.

I’ll stay on my land, where it is safe

I’ll jump in reality for a check once in a while

Just to see what going on, but I won't be there to stay.

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