I Liked Myself More Before I Met You

by Dena Marie 10 months ago in heartbreak

Wandering Words of a Broken Heart | Two

I Liked Myself More Before I Met You

I liked myself more

before I met people like you

chasing me with sweet words

which tug on this vulnerable string

pulling down the curtain I’ve made

until you can see everything

in its rawest existence

I’ve been hiding for so long

you passionately take a hold of me

and toss me around in your blinded delight

of winning another game

the man who can have anything

he desires within his selfish ego

before throwing me aside

when I’ve served a momentary purpose

when will you realise

you are playing with the female heart

one which longs to love and nurture

and not be meddled with in the hands

of a reckless man.

Dena Marie
Dena Marie
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