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I Kiss The Sky

by Jupiter Bennett about a year ago in slam poetry


I kiss the sky

With ignited pain

Smoldering in the embers

Of the 22 year war

The pages

Hiss in defiance

And a raging imp

Crackles the

Flames like the bones

Of a thousand condemned


Scampering like rats

That desperately

Try to escape their

Judgment by flame

Out of

of dread and fear


Succumb towards the

speckled tar above

Pain is

Being siphoned

From the souls

Of the damned

Wantonly blazing

Desperately trying to

Escape being burned

At the stake

For their heresy


Confess your crime

Of witchcraft

Confess your crime

Of taking this soul



I condemn you

To die by the flame

That you tried to extinguish

Oh what a sweet victory

It is

For the persecuted to

Become the prosecutor;

For an ant

To finally become a God..

slam poetry

Jupiter Bennett

writer, poet, philosopher.

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Jupiter Bennett
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