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America in Verse

I Hope

by Ti Ana 2 years ago in social commentary

This Does Not Happen to You

I Hope

You stand in the center, proud of your ferocious roar of values and oneness that reaches the ears of the world.

The wine, the words, the homogeneity.

The very essence of the power comes with the gifted determination of how to make this place great.

You’ve hoped to live this life and it has fallen effortlessly into your hands, a perfect pillow placement on a five star hotel’s master bed.

I hope this life does not falter, crash down in the midst of heightened and unguarded success.

I hope obstacles or tragedies do not halt this satisfactory life.

For example:

I hope you do not suddenly fall into a trap of paper bills in the mailbox, crawling through the envelopes and dodging paper cuts — all while wondering if the terminal sting will suffocate you instead.

I hope you don’t feel shattered glass from blasts in the backyard, then understand that now having a home of dust does not mean you will have refuge elsewhere.

I hope you are not asked why you are here.

I hope everything you are and wish to be is not questioned.

I hope you do not breathe gasps of sorrow while on your knees, haunted by the ringing of shots and the sea of empty shells on the pavement.

I hope you do not need to look into the eyes of everyone you’ve ever known and loved, turn away from this land, and realize that you will never be allowed back.

As many know these challenges, they understand it’s best to hope the same doesn’t happen to you.

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Ti Ana
Ti Ana
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