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I Have Never Known a Love Like Yours...

by Rasheeda Loves 5 years ago in heartbreak / inspirational
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Have you ever looked for love in all the wrong places?

A poem about love and heartbreak.


I've never known a love like yours;

never felt a love so true, so pure, yet so powerful.

A love that swept me right off my feet,

Gave me a reason to live again,

and this time to my full potential.

I've never known a love like yours.

I have yearned to be loved;

Craved to be seen, heard and understood,

Longed to be swept off my feet.

But lets go back to before I knew you, felt your love and understood the real depth of love.

I searched for love in all the wrong places;

Deceived by thy heart, I thought, No! I believed I had found love,

A love that was there for me, knew me and protected me.

I thought this love gave me life.

Eventually, this love gave me pain, heartache.

I was hurt and abused,

All I knew was pain,

I cried when I woke up,

and cried before I went to sleep.

I hid the pain, but dwelled on the scars,

oh, if only had told me I was on the road to destruction.

I was broken, I was injured.

I blamed myself, but more than I blamed me,

I blamed HIM!

Why would he do that?

Why did he allow to go through such?

Did he hate me that much?

The RAGE, the ANGER!

Yet I still prayed, but it was a pity one.

I started searching again...

But what was I searching for?

Co-dependency, Entertainment, Someone to fill a void

& take away the pain.

I searched all over, but still couldn't find nobody.

Then came a time & now all I knew was depression.

You watched me tear myself apart,

You saw and heard every cry, felt every pain.

You felt everything I was feeling,

because you truly loved me.

You tried to heal me, but I turned away from you.

Told me everything would come,

All I needed was patience.

What did patience mean?

I mean, all I knew was 'right now'

and I really meant NOW, forget waiting.

But you know what is funny.

You've loved me from the start,

loved me when I said the harshest words.

Yearned to show me how much you love me,

Fought mend my broken self and heal me.

And now I stand before you to say thank you.

Yahweh I thank you for your love.

I never ever knew where my strength came from,

But I see it was you all along,

Even when I was ungrateful, you still came to the aid of your servant.

Granting me with new mercies,

Strengthening where I have been weakened.

Yahweh, I thank you!

You became my love, my light and my life.

I crave your presence, you found me and filled me up,

I seeked for you, and you found me.

Just like Psalms 23 'you fill my cup to the brim'

Lord, you fill me up beyond expectations.

No more sadness, no more sorrows,

No more pain, just joy.

I know they say to be happy, you must have something happening,

But, how about,

I am happy because I have you happening!

You are the truest friend I've ever & will ever know,

I experienced the greatest love when I let you in,

A love that allowed me to heal, breath and think and lead me to my greatest version.

You showed me what love truly is and now I know that LOVE conquers.

Hallelujah to the lover of my soul.



About the author

Rasheeda Loves

Coach. Mother. Writer. Blogger.

Follow me on my Instagram @sheedaloves.

I write my views on spirituality and self help articles. My aim is to spread the awakening of spirituality. Welcome to my profile and I hope you have a good read

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