I Felt You Think

by Kira Stevens 2 years ago in heartbreak

"...And so stroll we did down the darkness that we claimed."

I Felt You Think
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I think I saw you in a day dream last

and when you hugged me goodbye I felt like I wasn't awake

I think I heard you think of loving me

and you said it with your ears so I could tell you were listening

I think I felt your eyes whisper unconsciously

and between you and me silent poems swam wittingly

Forward forever we wished to walk as the sky's glow lowered

and in none of the time we almost forgot we remembered

we were dancing on top of this darkening world together

Reminding us never to forsake found lights

the wind pushed through the day drifting darkness into night

For all the time's travel tolls bright stars' ashes paid

and so our perceived path remained seemingly paved in sorts of dimly enlightened ways

and so stroll we did down the darkness that we claimed

next to silence drizzling above the dust

approaching a point where strife's old luster was lovingly lost

when sparkles spread by gentle wind

guided ticking time through flaming ice

dissipating forgotten fights' distracting lights: a butterfly taking its bet

on chronology’s claim

that chaos planned on creating order one day

I think I saw you in a nightmare

a lifetime later or less

and I think you refused to save me from all inside my mental mess

I think you felt like I'd be fine

and you told me no or two more times to make sure I would keep listening

Copyright © 2018, Kira Stevens

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