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I feel colours

A poem about neurodiversity

By Jodi NichollsPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Multicoloured cardboard

I feel colours the way people hear sound

The vibrations and resonation

Deep, soulful, profound

I feel blue the way people hear the ocean

The rhythmic waves along a shoreline

Constant, fearless, open

I feel red the way people hear a fire

The lick of flames that know no master

Rage, hunger, desire

I feel green the way people hear a breeze

The brush of life on goose-bumped skin

Promise, change, unease

I feel grey the way people hear a rainstorm

The world a whisper in unlit skies

Moody, cleansing, warm

I feel yellow the way people hear a bee

The buzz of purpose in an urban land

Intent, happy, free

I feel colours the way people hear me

The dissonance of my diversity

Bold, unique, off-key

— J.L.Nicholls


About the Creator

Jodi Nicholls

As a freelance content writer, fantasy author, and reluctant minion of darkness, I spend my days devouring words and teaching my cats boundaries (which is relentless, unforgiving work...)

Escapism is life. Find me on Insta: @j.l.nicholls 😊

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