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I Feel Colors

Through My Heart

By Adrienne ElizabethPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
I Feel Colors

I Feel Colors

Touch my heart

That’s the best part

It boasts an array of colors

I feel them all, they are in me

Like my compass that lets me see

I can feel colors

The energy of others

Colors have secret lives

They tell me your stars

And sometimes your scars

I possess a heightened sensitivity

Sometimes it’s hard to feel like me

Colors guide me through the day

They anchor me at night

I wake up feeling really bright

Colors with all their hues

Every day I have a new muse

I find the meaning

Of each and every one

An expansive palette tells me I’ve won

Somedays you are blue

I can see straight through

That’s me, trying to change it

To a bright new Pantone

So you know you are not alone

I never knew I was painted

On the inside, I get reacquainted

With how to find the one that’s complimentary

It floats across the color wheel

Shows me what’s gonna be the deal

Realizing that colors shape my world

And sometimes they need to be swirled

To create what’s meant to be

My eyes are a prism that takes in the pain

Then I turn my watercolors into rain

The colors blossom out into a field

And lots of times act as my shield

For I know they each have a secret

They live and breath in me

And always help my heart to see

I feel colors


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