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I Dreamt You Were a Poem

by Melina Giorgalletou 2 years ago in sad poetry

A Poem I Wanted to Show Someone

I dreamt you were a poem,

A poem I wanted to show someone...

Show it as a trophy

An award

Praise it like

A beautiful Cadillac

An expensive diamond

A rare jewel to be found in the depths

of the Baltic Sea.

I dreamt you were a masterpiece.

Standing inside an honored exhibition.

A display sat in the center,


your eyes

your lips

your flaws

your face

every detail of you marked on walls,

an exhibition

named after you

and praised from all.

You and I were one since five.

Growing up and sharing the prides of life,

We knew the meaning of love

Of friendship or Romance, call it what you want,

We knew what it was

And we grew wanting more.

I dreamt we were flowers growing under

The same sun

Under the same stars

Feeding on the same love.

But that dream turned into a nightmare

Where I perished and thawed into the ground,

Because you decided to grow under a different sun

Different stars

Feeding on a different love.

Then I woke up,

In cold sweat

Wondering where you were

Wondering where my glorified poem has gone.

But all I could see in the place of gold

Was a dull, rigged stone sleeping

Next to me

Breathing in staggered breaths

Wishing he was next to his poem.

sad poetry
Melina Giorgalletou
Melina Giorgalletou
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Melina Giorgalletou

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